Atlhangout 09

by Mark Luffel

Lots of old friends, a little bit of hacking como es la pastilla de viagra.

Jason Ho is back in town from Taipei, will be moving to Silicon Valley in a few months.
Puyan Lotfi is back from Microsoft/Seattle, doing a Master’s Degree in CS at GT.
The Reverend Emily Case is hanging out and writing a sermon.
Sonali had eye surgery and Tejus will soon. Their company is having trouble.

Puyan also brought along fellow Master’s students, who are hacking on a Knowledge-Base AI detective problem.
And the usual suspects, Mark and Rob are hanging out and maybe writing some interactive fiction.

3 Responses to “Atlhangout 09”

  1. Alex Rudnick says:

    Aww! I would have loved to be there. Is Puyan doing some KBAI too, or just his colleagues?

    Did Jason have a good time in Taiwan?

    Give everybody a hug for me 🙂

  2. alexr says:

    Oh! And importantly — what kind of interactive fiction are you interested in doing, Mark and Rob?

  3. Mark Luffel says:

    Yah, Puyan is doing KBAI too. Jason is in love with Taiwan, doesn’t want to leave.

    Rob is making a story that has to do with trying to fall asleep, and being stuck in a series of nested dreams, chasing kittens.

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