Hackfest 10011010

by alexr

Get Excited Make Stuff Hack!

Met Lauren and Kyle (new members who don’t know it yet):
– getting into twitter, trying to get lots of twitter followers (they’re @LAliciaKeyz and @KYeasley).
– Cewebrity status imminent.

– Started setting up a wordpress blog
– LOAD THE SPACESHIP WITH THE ROCKET FUEL. Chopping up wrestling promo videos with Ableton.
– finding cs1315 really easy, thinking about Technology of Representation and open standards in history

– Building a processing sketch to make randomized maps of suburban neighborhoods. With the Voronoi algorithm.
– had dinner with his brother Paul

– setting up the adorable new laptop (Dell Mini 12 with Ubuntu 9.04), made a script to turn off touchpad so he doesn’t accidentally click on things while typing
– set up wiki pages to study for quals
– worked a little bit on typo detection

– finishing reading The Reasoned Schemer, which is proving to be illuminating about logic programming with Scheme
– starting in on Modern Operating Systems tonight!

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