Hackfest 10001010

by Mark Luffel

Alex (Ray):
– thinking about his thesis work
– has PD (Pure Data) talking with Python over OSC (Open Sound Control)
– using numpy to do matlab-y audio stuff
– is going to build statistical models of tabla playing
– – and use the models to generate more tabla music

– for Compilers class
– – did register allocation, working on frame allocation
– – not getting enough sleep
– singing Schubert
– grading Schemes

Alex (Rudnick):
– tonight: wrote a script to help manage reading the papers he should be reading
– also tonight: more code archeology on GT research code
– the Scala dancing-links thing works now, but seems slow

– working on scmple
– adding server-side logic

– doing bizdev
– and signup box
– practiced his Startup Riot pitch for Mark and Alex

– building corkbird site
– figuring out django
– generating youtube-style ids

Nirmal (hacking-from-home):
– finished decoder for Baudot code
– it works over an acoustic coupler (or just in software)
– runs at 2x realtime on an OpenMoko phone

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