The Internet Is Epic


I’ve been trying to figure out what this video actually says. All that I’ve come up with is that it gives me a vague sense of hope about the possibilities of the Internet, but it is not a very meaty intellectual chunk. I feel that this could have been a short film about the wonders of flint, and that as long as it is set to a techno sound track with clever editing it will give the viewer a vague impression of a message. The message being "Humans Rule."

I mean to belittle neither flint nor the Internet, but I feel that more should and could be said about the Internet. Sure the Internet is a fast communications network, and we’ve never had anything like it before. People are communicating on a mass scale never before seen. That is the "What." I don’t feel that any assertions were actually made about how the speed, and massive size of this communication is effecting culture.

Here is a different video.
I think I tend to agree with the response. On the whole I feel like not all that much has changed.
However, this is coming from someone who grew up with the Internet.

I will make an assertion of my own:
Whatever ‘sea-change’ is/was/will be upon us with regard to the Internet, it will not be extensively commented on by members of my generation. Yes the Internet is a good tool, but it is as much a matter of course as the automobile. With respect to the life of the heart we’ve been the same old humans from antiquity until now.

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