ASP .NET (for work, ARGH)


hey gentlefolk;

long time no post.  sorry!  🙁

i was wondering if anybody had some good resources for ASP .NET that they would like to share?  work has decided to send me in this direction and i need better guidance.  i’ve been using these articles:


but then it goes off on a tangent, which doesn’t apply to my current situation.  i’ve got the rudimentary framework in place (data access layer, business logic layer) for my application, but that’s about it.  any links or books you recommend would be of great help.  danke!

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  1. Graham says:

    How did the pool match go? I’ll look into the ASP.NET thing.

  2. Graham says:

    I always check the MSDN Library when I’m doing something microsofty.
    This page has links to ASP.NET tutorials, reference material, and sample code.


  3. emptyset says:

    thanks for info – work has gotten crazy of late.  we are the pool champions – we won the division cup.  we compete on saturday for a chance to go to vegas and destroy all robots.

    alan fay
    software developer
    urban shaman

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