Hackfest 1101 Postmortem

by ynniv

–  Since Last Hackfest
    –  Luke
        –  Lost his /usr partition
            –  interesting experience for  scripting a debian
                  install using apt
            –  had been using unison (linux, windows, etc,
                  upenn.edu) for backup
        –  did some bluetooth exploration/debugging
    –  Graham
        –  Made emacs scripts to tally time spent on each sentence
            –  also did some mockups of the idea
        –  masters project things
    –  Vinny
        –  fixed commotion problems
        –  hacked javascript for work
            –  integrated the Rhino javascript parser into our new
–  Today’s Plans
    –  Luke
        –  messing with Palm memory map
            –  new method: allocate memory in different
                  applications, then see where that is in physical
        –  going to Germany tomorrow
    –  Graham
        –  installing iTunes
        –  make the clocks invisible the right way
        –  support editing of existing sentences
        –  properly creating a mode instead of modifying all of
    –  Vinny
        –  either: executing scheme code for calculated properties
        –  or: automated population of the schools database
–  Today’s Reality
    –  Group
        –  60 minute discussion of economics of variable pricing on
    –  Graham
        –  Worked on making clocks invisible – not done yet … ∞
        –  Luke’s going to provide some info for minor modes
    –  Luke
        –  found some memory possibly below the OS boundary
    –  Vinny
        –  told Graham everything would be fantastic with XSLT
        –  looked at Grant’s latest spoontease

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