Hackfest 1011 Mortem

by graham

Nov 3, 2005 – Hackfest 1011

Notes: Next hackfest Octane is serving beer.

from m-w.com:
Main Entry: whole·some
Pronunciation: 'hOl-s&m
Function: adjective
1 : promoting health or well-being of mind or spirit
2 : promoting health of body
3 a : sound in body, mind, or morals b : having the simple health or vigor of normal domesticity
4 a : based on well-grounded fear : PRUDENT <a wholesome respect for the law> b : SAFE <it wouldn’t be wholesome for you to go down there — Mark Twain>

Since last week:

Fixed the Settings bean. Fixed other minor bugs, but Yannis made him cry, bitter tears.

Worked on fixing glitches in output, not done. Worked on making Runtime.exec calls in SWIMM.
They don’t seem to be returning.

Helped Graham debug. Hosted parents. Mouse mvt and performance stats on OGRE + Commotion – 80 fps.
Fixed nasty XCode plugin bug – subclass responsibility error.

Fixed his website – rss feeds went to blog posts. Kernel framebuffer debugging.

Titus (remote)-
I finished the PIC article this week.

Plan for Today:

Get Intellisense working, capability built into NetBeans.

Work on cleaning up website more, plam programming.

Continue to debug writeWithSpeedup. Fix Runtime.exec calls. Luke suggests quiet option.

Working on Google Maps application.

Working on a filter for Wikitext –> Markdown. Basically, because I’m trying to convert my blog to WordPress.
I’m using the Text_Wiki PEAR class, and modifying it with a ‘markdown’ target.
by modifying this: http://wiki.ciaweb.net/yawiki/index.php?area=Text_Wiki&page=HomePage

Today’s Reality:

Discussed religion.

Discussed religion, configured kernel. MythTV is awesome.

Rails is very slow on the server.

Successfully debugged Runtime.exec, Vinny helped with glitches.

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