Hackfest 1010 Mortem

by graham

Since Last Week:

    Added interactive invoke main method. Ran up with issues, but it’s usable.
    Still has issues with Settings in JavaBeans. TAs will start using his autograder in mere days.
    Speeding up a pop song seems to work, but my output has glitches.
    The glitches happen even when you speed up by a factor of 1.0, which should in theory do an exact segment-by-segment copy. So the glitches come from an error somewhere in the process, above any errors that may be in the segmentation process.
    Wrote a small GMaps application for finding CS schools.
    Wants your support – workshopping support.
    Has started working on db support with Ruby on Rails.
    What is the most useful feature for you, applying to schools?
    His Article is due Nov 1, it’s on doing PIC microcontroller sims in Linux.

Plan for Today:

    Debug Settings object in JavaBeans.
    Leading discussion map app. Maybe gamey stuff in Commotion.
    Refactor some of my segmentation, try to kill glitches.
    Testing bleeding edge and fixing software GPSim, GPASM, SDCC, all to write an article.
    Doing the school, math and linguistics.
    Nonlinear optimizations.

This Week’s Reality:

    Stole music, chatted with Stephen and Mike, gave Vinny a use case. Suggested Dynamic Queries for CS Map.
    Installed rails, wrote caching scraper for college board. Collected use cases.
    Has compiled a document of several use cases for his systems.
    Danced to the music, over and over and over again.
    Working on his article, came up with examples. How to do interrupts (pushbutton), using the built-in timer. Should finish article this week.

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