Hackfest 101 Postmortem

by ynniv

–  Since Last hackday
    –  Luke
        –  Started porting eclipse SAP development tools to Linux
            –  Replaced windows native libraries
    –  Vinny
        –  Commotion
            –  Abstracted out all of my application singletons
            –  Got everything working again
            –  Some scenegraph research, ogre3d is the way to go
                –  Stackless python and continuations…
                      continuations are cool and powerful
–  Today’s Plans
    –  Luke
        –  Working on browser component for SAP plugin
    –  Vinny
        –  lisp hacking – implementing while
–  Today’s Reality
    –  Luke
        –  learned a little about the browser
            –  got the mozilla to integrate
            –  still trying to get it to load inside eclipse
            –  fixed a few more IE specific quirks
        –  spent some time trying to fix dhcp again
    –  Vinny
        –  lisp – wrote while as a macro
            –  (defmacro while (condition &rest codeblock)
                      `(loop (if (not ,condition) (return)) (do

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