Hack Fest 10 Postmortem

by ynniv

Notes from today’s meetup. Lisp! Regedit! Messenger! None of these things are in the notes.

–  Since Last Hackday (a long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away)
    –  atlhack.org
        –  last time, failed to do audio chat
    –  graham
        –  hard drive crashes.  all project code lost
            –  rewrote lots of project code, but not back up to speed yet
    –  luke
        –  wrote an interface for connecting to nethack via lisp
    –  vinny
        –  atlhack related stuff
            –  CamelCaseSmackdown
            –  cron backups
            –  added project module, but no SVN support yet
    –  titus
        –  investigated biojava, a java API for biology
    –  ben
        –  rewriting autograder
            –  looked into a netbeans architecture

Click to see Plans and Realities.
–  Today’s Plans
    –  graham
        –  implement peak picking – will have simple segmentation done
    –  luke
        –  finish lisp interface for nethack
        –  investigate specs for two other projects
    –  vinny
        –  get opengl object to properly Init contexts
    –  titus
        –  research the eclipse modeling framework and SWT
    –  ben
        –  make a test sample autograder that just compiles code
–  Today’s Realities
    –  atlhack.org
        –  this time, failed to do video chat.  next time, shared AIM / IRC?
    –  graham
        –  did peak picking!
            –  thresholding (> .25 percentile), zero crossing the derivitive
            –  checked into SVN
        –  luke
            –  bridge is reliable
            –  a bot engine has been started
        –  vinny
            –  beat the crap out of code, refactoring style
            –  got openGL context to display
        –  titus
            –  eclipse was not going to happen on his laptop
            –  second project: bindary newsgroup poster that doesn’t suck (C#)
                –  got some basic code in SharpDevelop
        –  ben
            –  wrote test autograder, but it doesn’t work

5 Responses to “Hack Fest 10 Postmortem”

  1. Stephen says:

    Great job, folks.  Again, I was AWOL… sigh.  But I have a ton of excuses, so it’s okay

  2. luke says:

    Small correction.  Nethack already has a Lisp (emacs lisp) interface, but the manner in which you must communicate is through terminal I/O, which is silly.  I wrote a small application to simulate the terminal I/O and provide a standard I/O interface.  When I worked on this project a bit in the past, I had actually written a deamon in elisp.  This mechanism was __slow__ through as I would write to files and poll.

    I’ve committed the application to svn/users/luke/nehackd, but I worry about you being able to see it with the current svn setup.

    1. I want to polish up a bot framework example written from clisp and then I’ll commit that too.

    2. Emacs rules.


    a troll with good intentions, but a troll none the less.

  3. ynniv says:

    Are you worried that we can see it in an incomplete state, or that we won’t be able to see it due to a server misconfig?

  4. luke says:

    I’m not worried about you seeing it in an incomplete state, as even the lisp is sitting out there now.  My tests (though not thorough) seemed to indicate I was unable to see other people’s svn repos, so I wonder if anyone can see mine.


  5. Anonymous says:


    I can see it from the web with my user/pass, I assume this means I can pull code from it. I’m guessing other people with svn accounts can see it ok.

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