Component: Map


The map represents the city in which the game takes place. It will comprise all of the physical objects in the game.



the map is divided into sections. Each section is a large visible area. One section is loaded into memory at a time, this being the section where the player resides. The current section has the focus for computations for character activity.


The Section is divided into arbitrary quanta called cells. Each cell represents the perceptural area for each character inside it. Each character can “see objects in the cell. Nothing else exists except what the character “remembers.”


Each cell can contain a number of objects. An object is any physical thing in the environment. Objects can include buildings, walls, trees, and so on. The cell also has references to moveable items and characters that are inside. An object has a reference to a mesh and a texture for drawing. Also, whether the object is solid or not is stored.

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