Hackfest 1011101

by Mark Luffel

New Member:
is learning AutoLisp,
“this is the future!”
Lisp Recorder – records actions as lisp code,
was at the Books concert last spring,
Marta story (appended)

Since Last Time:
started a job
work and setting up the house
thinking about the z-machine,
youtube for interactive fiction,
reading the z-machine spec,
working with Martin

installing suse in paralels on his mac
making a blog in seamless
finishing projects for choices quilts in ruby on rails
coc mail forwarding,
new atlhack server configuring
fixed a horrible awful bug with the facebook app he made last week,
making a logo for a potential finance app
reinstalling postgres, pure-ruby bindings

Bob’s Marta Story:
i was sitting on the train,
still in engineering mode,
i had been working out the geometry of making a sprial,
and was kind of spaced out,
and the girl next to me looked at what i was drawing,
and said “that looks pretty cool”
and she was on the the phone with her boyfriend and he says:
“is his hand on your p***y”
“honey, you’re on speakerphone”
“i don’t give a damn, is his hand on your p***y”

It should be noted that Gabi dislikes this word.

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