Hackfest 111101 Mortem

by graham

20 Feb 2007 – tomato basil soup and laser techno

Since Last Meeting-
Alex- released a new version of JES with fewer bugs.
Graham- gave a lecture on Computer Music Languages.
Mark- went to Atlanta Ruby Users’ Group and met Sam. They made wikis in Rails. Mark prefers Python to Ruby. (yield in the middle of a template, too much magic)
Billings- got his AB2 amp sounding good at low volumes, without frying any power tubes.
Erik- minor releases of carpal, his blogging platform.

Devin- soon ID/CM graduate. hailpixel.com surfacing letter. sunflow radiosity cooker in java. going to grad school.

Colo- Mark will call them to see if they will accept an open-top server. Alex will go to Fry’s for a top. Next week Wed 9pm we’ll go to Alex’s and try to get it to recognize the fourth hard drive.

This Week’s Plans-
Mark- python needs to be standard to use nodebox (generative art app). Heading to pycon 2007 in Dallas, where topographica is simulating mammalian brains.
Erik- writing plugin engine for carpal– plugins are called fingers.
Graham- compiling non-XPCOM chuck plugin. finish Computer Audio assignment.
Billings- ultralinear output stage on the treble boost. change reverb driver so heaters isolated to bias them.
Alex- looking at GWT to do Runner’s problem. Starting from Hello World.

Raiding the 20th Century– an exposition on tape music, collage, and mashup.

This Week’s Results-
Graham- sketched out ChuckLib class.
Mark- got python working, importing packages for OSC and nodebox
Erik- grabbing fingers from the client partially implemented. path issues from relative to absolute.
Billings- tried to look up impedence of reverb tank, but wasn’t able to find model number
Alex- made Hello World app, loading into Eclipse, figured out package structure

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