Hackfest 111001 Postmortem

by graham

23 Jan 2007 – tuesday nights

First Tuesday night ever (we think).

New progress on organizing the colo.
Mark nominated as treasurer, Luke as head admin.

Erik- working on a standalone programmable blogging engine
that will serve as the home for his other projects:
 wIDE, scheduled events and triggers on posts
Wants to get posts, comments, users working in a RESTful manner tonight.

done- got authentication system, got rudimentary posting done

Mark- fixing a problem with contractIDs.
Would like to send a udp message to python udp-server.

Graham- compile firefox. find out where it’s crashing.
Make ‘chuck –status’ work in firefox plugin. (has since fixed it with AddRef).

Alex- drinking coffee and watching. Researching GMaps for runners problem.

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