Hackfest 10010 Mortem

by graham

Hackfest 10010: January 19, 2006
(no notes last week, but there was a meeting)

Since Last Time:
Soldered a serial port to WRT54g.
Using PyOgre to enable texture manager commands.
Designed a game involving claiming territory in schools (w/ Graham).
Modified Linux Kernel to support kb and mouse – media keys were unrecognized (USB human interface system). Translated them into the valid keyspace, produced unique events, then added entries to custom xmodmap.
Trying to use MAME the emulator with MythTV, modified it to work. MythTV had a bad version check of MAME that silently failed. Luke added a better check.
Worked on using Hough transform to crop family photos, in Python. Might write a script in GIMP (script-foo).
Fixed glitches in Music Editor segmentation / rendering. Refactored, wrote processes to scramble, reverse, and speed up segmented songs.
Added SWIMM to source control on atlhack.
Finished character-granularity demo of clocks code.
Imposed temporary nethack cessation.
Made fuzzy Spoontease.
MSN Virtual Earth API for recovering coordinates of historical photos. 4d-cities demo
Want to develop semantic descriptions of city buildings to improve search, and to create model of city from images.

This Week Plans:
Scheme pong, in Scheme using Sisc.
Goal: to extend Eclipse with Sisc. Going to learn Sisc today.
Build an extraction queue for SWIMM.
Evolutionary War needs an binary for Intel (v1.2), and remove shareware nag.

This Week Reality:
Geeks on soapboxes. Listen to the podcast (all "podcasts").

Released in 2005:
nethack-bot-framework, gmaps schools

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