Hackfest 100 Mortem

by graham

15 Sept 2005

Where is Everybody?
luke is contracting in reno
titus is dogsitting
ben garrison is sleeping
others said they’d be here, but they did not show

Since Last Time:
-poked around looking for scenegraphs
-panda3d would be good, but no Mac (sadly)
-options are ogre, and crystal space (more of a game engine)
-nothing on Mused
-been working on SWIMM, trying to get MARSYAS to run on win32

This Time:
-play with Croquet (notes that it’s in Squeak- why it is so slow)
-wants to render words
-get segmentation working
-refine to sample accuracy
-speed up a song by upping the onset rate
-start school at UCSC

-played around with Croquet -… it’s Squeak (slow and difficult)
-dragged around a full size card of Alan Kay (as a rabbit) and shot him with lasers
-Commotion is calculating save path – without full file pathname.
-no rendering just yet.
-submitted startup school app
-fixed the frame by frame segmentation
-started working on zero crossing sample refinement
-didn’t finish

2 Responses to “Hackfest 100 Mortem”

  1. majelix says:

    My idea of adding a time axis for a map of history will get nowhere at this rate!


  2. Graham says:

    You’ll figure it out. I suggest the following time series references from Stasko’s Infovis class, especially the GeoTime one:

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