Hack Fest 11 Mortem

by graham

Thursday, Sept 8 – no 11 – atlhack 11 photos

Found out there’s a python atlanta group that meets here.

Since Last Time-
luke – made a nethack bot sitbot – lives 999 turns – article on making your own
– io trick with nethack is much faster
titus – was at dragon*con, sent DMCA notice by MS
– attended cool piracy talk, will blog that
ben – re-did autograder interface, can make webwork module
graham – no projects, wrote an article about semiotics book
– found out about chuck music synthesis language, similar to supercollider on several platforms
vinny – found racer – open source racing simulation
stephen – implemented midpoint line drawing algorithm for graphics system
mike – started music notebook – for plans for songs lyrics

This Week-
luke- shelve nethack right now. get a better handle on interfacing to USB and bluetooth – write 2 drivers GPs- bluetooth, and USB scanner. USB snoop logfiles. learn about USB snoop format.
titus- if he gets eclipse working, will work on DNA project, windows product key generator, pkgen in haiku
ben- try to make a rules language ot generate point values for the tests based on rules. generate points according to a heirarchy and rules
stephen- tonight I just want to get double buffering working, possibly complete the midpoint line drawing for all cases
graham- point at mp3 file and chunk into little wav files
vinny- get glyphs rendering in contexts, maybe with animation
mike – My modest goal for today is to test out my new printer in linux and windows, test printer, and prepare recording setup for lyrics

Today’s Reality:
luke – can’t talk to network
titus – eclipse works! wrote an Invokatron example plugin, loads a custum file extension, loads into multi-page editor
mike – finished installing printer
ben – figured out how to write XML schemes, wrote schemas fro three the point assignment rules
stephen – double buffering is working, almost done with midpoint line algo, probably going to keep working
graham – segmenting the mp3 into wav, but not sure they are on correct segmentation boundaries
vinny – didn’t get stuff meant to do done. skype audio, links for python group

visit! one of our colleagues, the philosopher scientist Matt stopped by on his visit to Atlanta. He’s been writing articles on Epistimology, which if things ever clear up, should start helping us understand why we believe the things we do about science and knowledge.

todo items:
why is luke’s feed item not showing up in Atlanta Tech?
svn with project integration

titus – next week wants to get custom menus at the top for different operations

3 Responses to “Hack Fest 11 Mortem”

  1. bdg says:

    I’m gonna get crucified for this, but I thought it would be ironic, given the "free titus" hubbub.

    I tried to make a post on here about the value assigment doohicky that I was working on thursday, but I couldn’t get the preview to have linebreaks without new paragraphs, so I decided to post it on another blog so that the formatting would look right.

    the link is here. =P

  2. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for keeping us updated.

    Interesting, but I’m lacking a little background on how Autograder is set up. Anyway, nobody crucify Ben. We like him.

    If you’re having trouble with the wizzywig editor (as was I), you can change your account settings to use the text/html one instead.

  3. ynniv says:

    You might also try posting in "Full HTML" instead of the default "Filtered HTML".  If you don’t see Filtered HTML, we need to update your account privies.

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