Music Editor

by graham

Based the influence of:

Zils and PachetMusaicing (DAFX 01) (results)
Tristan JehanCreating Music by Listening (PhD thesis)

Make a better tool for editing recorded music.

Incorporating more of the musical structure will benefit both novices and experts at making collage and adding samples to works. For example, when "mashing up" existing recordings, one must first establish a tempo grid (source: Boot Camp – Mashing for Beginners). Since many people are working on Machine Listening problems now, we should be able to find a few algorithms good enough to establish a decent tempo grid.

Our overall strategy is to apply the positive results found in machine listening (note segmentation, beat segmentation, timbre similarity, rhythm similarity) in a way that presents a rich but facile interface for making new music out of old music.

We can find additional sources of expertise to apply to our editor. For instance, we can frame our problem of finding a sample out of a huge library as an information visualization problem.

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