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by graham

Books: (Or, 1000 Monkeys et al)

Atlanta Computing Resources contains links to Atlanta stores, programming groups, schools, jobs, and other tech resources. Atlhack Users Projects contains pages describing our projects. Add info if you can!

News: (Or, Roxor the Bloxors)

Last week I setup two feed categories to track atlhack-interesting content, prominently displayed in light-green sidebars (in the default theme). If you know of any cool tech feeds that fit the bill, please add them to the aggregator! Details below.

Maybe this can be a book page. For the sake of structure, I’m going to add my edits directly to the page. Comment to add to the list.

Atlanta Tech
Technical blogs of Atlanta developers. Right now we have Titus, Vinny, and Luke so that we may follow their exploits! If I start writing tech on this site, I’ll add my onsite blog to this feed as well. If you know any other Atlanta tech bloggers, ask permission and add them!

Everywhere Tech
More general technical articles and news. I tried to add some of the less traffic and more specialized blogs so we’d have a good mix of material, but this policy is definately up for discussion.

The Theory Blogs
Computational Complexity, Lowerbounds, Upperbounds, Machine Learning (Theory) – Hardcore theory blogs, but contain useful CS career articles and notes on formatting your TeX papers.

The Hacker Blogs
Hacking for Christ – Gerv hacks Mozilla.
Paul Graham – Well-spoken essayist, tech entrepreneur, and lisp hacker. Essential creative tech.

The Digital Music Blogs
Duke Listens – Paul Lamere, who works for Sun, talks about issues of interest to the Music Listening community.

Tech Culture
Wired News – Allow me to simulate Wired’s editorial bias. The future is here. GO! GO! GO! GO! GO! GOGOGOGO!
Microsoft Watch – News from about the 800-pound gorilla in Redmond, WA.
Lifehacker – Software tools for improving your life in a general sense.
Lawrence Lessig – Proponent of copyleft and the free culture movement.

The Game Theory Blogs
Grand Text Auto – Game theory, culture, and new media links from a roundtable of experts, including Michael Mateas, a professor from Georgia Tech.

Software Design
Creating Passionate Users – Entertaining blog about creating useful software.

Stuff I Didn’t Add
Slashdot, BoingBoing – Wonderful resources, but ubiquitous and huge.

Stuff I’m Still Considering
We Make Money, Not Art – Plentiful source of tech arts.

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