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Hackfest 1010111 Mortem

Tuesday, September 11th, 2007

11 Sept 2007 – one last hack

Since Last Week-
Alex- started sketching a scrabble bot in python.
 might reduce the problem to finding bags of words.
 other ideas: online community for kids to teach kids programming, like Moose Crossing.
 puzzle: walk a binary tree in order without using recursion
Sonali- db stuff at work.
Tejus- what have I been up to? writing data warehousing stuff. redesigning software.
Martin- working on osiris.
Stuart- research
Graham- wrote down instructions for adding new audio features to Mused. too complicated.
Mark- doing javascript and css for work. watched alex mclean’s new vocable synthesis
Devin- there are updates for fuzzwich

This Week’s Plans-
Alex- make a representation for bag of letters, figure out how to do matches.
Sonali- playing with her phone.
Tejus- playing with his phone, saying goodbye to me.
Martin- working on osiris, adding more image filters to it.
Stuart- music. mourning my departure
Graham- will try to simplify process of adding features to Mused
Mark- go running. all burnt out on computers

Hackfest 1010110 Mortem

Tuesday, September 4th, 2007

4 September 2007 – how do you spell funk?

Since Last Week –
Mark- attended three bday parties, not a clown
 looked at pylons and storm, object relational mappers for python
 going to do the digital music project with tyrus
 making a pyweek game in piglets (scene2d)
Stuart- working on music, recorded Rock and Roll Hellhole
Graham- finished mixing The Smooth Galaxy
Tejus and Sonali- setting up the house, learning java and oracle stuff
Vinny- messing with xulrunner, for work and outliner
 thinks it is better than swing

This Week-
Stuart- watching youtube videos and going to cleanroom
Mark- adding jumping to ShizWiz
Graham- want to add feature to Mused
Tejus and Sonali- drink tea and say bye to Graham
Rob- working on the Laptop of War

Hackfest 1010101 Mortem

Tuesday, August 28th, 2007

28 August 2007 – table of four + three

flashbacks from mark and drew’s technical comm class

new person – Tyrus of "giant steps" fame
he is a designer, works for hakano / appcelerator
freelance projects, does a lot of painting, paints portraits
currently working on a digital download system for independent musicians

Ryan (Alex’s friend from Tallahasee) is here,
 moving to Toronto tomorrow morning, MS->PhD in medieval studies UToronto

Humza is also here, talking on the phone

Since Last Meeting-
Sonali- getting stuff ready to move into a house. going to London soon.
Tejus- data warehousing, creating a database with different time-slices.
Stuart- went to Las Vegas to visit father, worked on concept album for the "kids"
 worked on a new program, make robots that download public financial data to do stock market research. going to build it in Java, going to use sight, orig., for bioinformatics + SP500, then extract useful information.
 expects to have something in a month. going to call it stock monkey
Graham- met with Alex Rae, who will present my paper in Copenhagen
Drew- wants to build a templated chuck music on demand
 trying to implement a wire level language agnostic protocol for secure rpc
fixning problems in jsp scripts
Mark- hiked the appalachian trail, 140 miles. eight bears, blackberries and blueberries
 focus on water, alternation water filter, iodine, and boiled

Devin- is back from Boston and the YCombinator experience
 apparently met Stephen Wolfram, going ahead with his company
 seems to be excellent for generating absurd animations

Scott Driscoll- made his first sale on curiousinventor-
Alex- played with fluxus, may be hard to setup
 started messing with impromptu, stopped sending media events
 might work on one laptop per child, excited about it

This Week’s Plans-
Sonali- catching up on email from Atlanta Linux Enthusiasts
Tejus- trying to keep smart phone sync’ed up with computer
 trying to use "the missing sync", an OSX utility
Stuart- working on "ready for the show"
 about how life sucks and we all are going to die, but you should enjoy the show
Graham- document known bugs in Mused, attempt to fix them
Mark- talk with people about music project, go running

addendum: we bought the server for atlhack-colo

Hackfest 1010100 Postmortem

Wednesday, August 22nd, 2007

21 August 2007 – billings talks about tries, datastructure for autocomplete

new member Hamza! from Google ops
also we discussed the differences between art, science, engineering

Since Last Week-
Mark- is off hiking the Appalachian trail with his brother
Alex- talking with little zach about data structures
 -catalogued differences between java 1.4 and 1.5 by diffing javadocs
Kelly- started classes at UGA, human sexuality, speculative fiction class
Erik- working on projects that collects server statistics, pipaya
 -talking with Gregg about a manufacturing resource planning for his lab
Gregg- is now a grad student. might have a boyfriend.
 -fillings orders for sensors in the lab, furnace maintenence, training new guy
Billings- made progress on his amp. designed a new bias provider,
 -tested in Spice, ordered transformer
Rob- work stuff, new songwriting
Stuart- did some new project! Alex will tell me about it
Graham- no progress on getting visa faster. started packing up. investigated rooms.
Hamza- working on model to judge effectiveness of machine health model

This Week-
Alex- trying to get fluxus set up again
Kelly- is reading Solaris, reading On the Road by Cormac McCarthy
Erik- working on pipaya
Gregg- putting out feelers for database system to track parts in the lab
Billings- reading stories from PG Wodehouse
Rob- writing tanooki zoo songs
Stuart- doing some exciting project
Graham- must get Mused ready for presentation at ICMC by XRae

Hackfest 1010011 Mortem

Tuesday, August 14th, 2007

14 August 2007 – ridiculous visa

Since Last Week-
Mark- played around in nodebox, made dueling arrows
looked for houses in Decatur, found potential something
read a book about the founder of Patagonia – Let My People Go Surfing
they trace all of their products
played around with angles in nodebox
Alex- made a thing for the secret project
usability fix for the Google Web Toolkit
read rant ‘the kingdom of nouns’
reading Foundations of Security
Graham- completed papers for a student visa
Stuart- working hard to get results for a conference submission tonight
Robert- helped Paul prepare for laptop battle

This week’s plans-
Mark- going to make an openGL shapes thing in Haskell
Alex- going to make an animation in fluxus
Graham- going to make something interesting in supercollider
Stuart- going to double check the results for the submissions
Robert- researching equipment for the laptop battle finals

Hackfest 1010010 Mortem

Tuesday, August 7th, 2007

7 August 2007 – big group

Since Last Week-
Mark- got IOBluetooth package to load in GHCi, trying to get hsc3 to work
Bill- broke his amp, driver circuit failed after new tubes, may require redesign
 got a Magnatone amp, it has a frequency modulation (vibrato) circuit
 it also has a HUM1 and HUM2 – reversing between ground and liveline – a death switch
Rob- took a trip to Seattle. recorded a song cycle from the Northwest corner.
 have been working on video editing, working on rap tracks.
Stuart- recorded two songs with Rob, first successful measurement
 immersed in water with a certain concentration of chemical, sensors reported a gradient
 in liquids its much harder because the polymers are shifted around by the solution
Alex- went to Google, came back, have been digging in docs about unit testing and security
 wants to be invulnerable to cross-site scripting
Miriam- moved to Athens, it almost looked like a house, but there might be CO
 going to join Theory reading group – Dialogic Imagination by Bakhtin – the novel is often changing
Graham- gave a performance at Parkgrounds, wrote a song with Amanda

This Week’s Plans-
Rob- document the meeting with his camera, review recordings
Mark- trying to get IOBluetooth to work correctly in Haskell
Bill- reading Stumbling into Happiness, Daniel Gilbert
Stuart- hanging out and discussing music
Alex- going to be stylin’ his GWT app with a Hello World
Miriam- reading Bakhtin
Graham- going to work on ChucK music timing, prepare for performance tomorrow

Hackfest 1010001 Mortem

Wednesday, August 1st, 2007

31 July 2007 – three atlhackers and a telegoogler

Since Last Time-
Mark- continued on quest to make a cabal package for Wiimote.
Porting Obj-C program that uses Mac IO-Bluetooth framework.
Read about arrows.
Graham- went to the UK. Picked figs. Signed first boob.
Performed first Spark! night at Parkgrounds, with a new wiimote piece.
Stuart- fabrication is finished for the month. Testing the chips that you made.
Reading about using information theory to construct optimal stock portfolio.
Dressed up as Mustapha Mond for a party, ended up Hand in Hand.

Alex called, doing well at Google in Mountain View. He’s meeting a poetry-bot dude there (Gnoetry).

Tonight’s Plan-
Mark- making a package for Wiimote.
Graham- try to delete n/a spam ghosts.
 -see if I can get Haskell-sc working on windows.

Mark helped Graham get haskell SC3 running. It’s working!

Hackfest 1001100 Postmortem

Thursday, June 28th, 2007

26 June 2007 – strawberry-rhubarb pie night
music: early ambient works from Aphex Twin

New atlhacker- Stuart Duerson
phd student in ECE! he makes nano electromechanical components!
microelectromechanical components, resonators
chemical detectors
also Dr. Electroboink, noted atlanta musicians
has designed costumes for the Shithouse kids

new random person! – Melissa, who is a BME student

Since Last Week-
Stuart- went to France and Switzerland for conferences and research
Will- is reading Crossing the Chasm, he recommends to learn startup business technology
Alex- got a paper accepted to Mobile HCI! Maybe Singapore.
 taught camp! bought running shoes.
Miriam- will be riding alex’s coattails to Singapore. went to Athens!
 convinced people to paint the house yellow and lime green.
 started reading What is the What?
 got Peyton through 2/3 of reading list, including 4 book reports
Graham- got into grad school. got running shoes. made pies.
Mark- bought a wiimote and made it play chuck music! and make pretty graphics.
 ran by the railroad tracks:

This Week-
Stuart- arranged a JAM
Will- reading Crossing the Chasm
Alex- thinking about Haskell, and sending people copies
Miriam- online stuff, then reading!
Graham- looking into bluetooth for thinkpad
Mark- talking about information design

Design of a color plate friendly book binding – transparent press.

Hackfest 1001011 Mortem

Wednesday, June 20th, 2007

19 June 2007 – Haskellnacht

new people:
Matt – Alex’s friend enrolling in MS mechanical engineering.
Asok – dude from the information retrieval company.

Since Last Week-
Mark- performed at electro-music 2007! learned chuck, wrote chuck bluegrass
 -writing code to fold fabric in processing
 -ran with Graham to Decatur
Greg- measured the volume of powder with helium gas
Alex- built first interactive demo of spelling correction on java + twidor
 -exported classifier from WEKA, hooked it all up.
 -hard part was python file wrapping up feature data and feed to classifier
 -camp! teaching kids the python.
Will- to be hired by a contracting company working for a beverage company
 -programmed a genetic algorithm in MATLAB, optimized a 1d cellular automata
 -optimized it by feedback, how long a human would watch it
 -reading Kurzweil’s The Singularity is Near
Graham- added live performance sampling stuff to Mused

This week-
Mark- learning Haskell
Alex- learning Haskell
Graham- learning Haskell
Will- reading Kurzweil

we were using GHC and The Gentle Introduction to Haskell

Hackfest 1001010 Postmortem

Wednesday, May 30th, 2007

29 May 2007 – everybody was sad in middle school

Mark is listening to Amadou et Miriam – the blind couple from Mali
mesons – groups of two quarks, baryons – groups of three
flavors – up, down, top, bottom, strange, charm

Since Last Time-
Erik- company didn’t go public. will implement memcache. amazon ec2 – virtual hosting API.
Alex- getting ready for summer camp.
 -learned Scratch– it’s obvious, least astonishment, can make complex animations.
 -doesn’t give you structured procedures as in logo.
Graham- added ChucK export to Mused.
Jason- qaboom may be bought by inquus.
Will- knees undergoing cellular reconstruction. helped build a pergola.
 -read The Long Tail, would recommend it for a quick read.
 -Why Google is important, Amazon vs B&N, etc.
Mark- made triangle grids with the wrong irrational numbers.

Will- going to write Excel sheet for aiding irrigation system design. reading Brief History of Time.
Erik- finishing his coffee and going home.
Graham- will add a configurable range filter for loudness. ask UI advice.
Jason- is giving a demo tomorrow, will work on his codebase.
Mark- will fix his triangle grids of different sizes.
Alex- package up last release of JES. bug free trademark.